Why Can’t We Build a Wall?

So many have been fretting about the cost of the US-Mexico boarder wall. Cost figures have been wildly fluctuating from somewhere around $10B to $25B+. The rhetoric from the left has been highly inflammatory and ranges from talk that it’s impossible to build due to the changing terrain, demonizing the idea because some areas would require imminent domain seizure of private property and then there’s the biggest argumentative flap; how would we pay for it? Here’s my opinion on all three of these main categories.


The US-Mexico border is 1,989 miles long from the Gulf to the Pacific. From what I’ve read, The Great Wall of China spans about 3,889 miles of actual wall, 223 miles of trenches and 1,387 miles of natural barriers like hills and rivers. The Chinese fortified what they needed to and leveraged natural barriers where they could. The bottom line here is – were not ancient Chinese! We’ve launched space probes into the outer rim of our galaxy and explored the depths of the deepest oceans. Why would a boarder wall be impossible? What has happened to the Can Do American Spirit?


This one is simple. First – Immanent domain sounds scary and unfair which is why the left uses the argument. By using these words the average person, without really thinking, would think exactly what the detractors want them to and react in disapproval. So the solution is to leave these areas untouched. If there isn’t a problem then the gaps are OK. If there is a problem then in about 24 hours after completing the federal wall all of these land owners would willingly give up their land or pay for their section of the wall themselves.


This sticky problem is the easiest of all to solve. In a Feb 2016 article from The Motley Fool, writer Sean Williams categorically breaks down the $4.1T (that’s TRILLION) 2016 Federal budget this way:

  • Healthcare: $1,107,446,000,000
  • Social Security: $944,338,000,000
  • National defense: $615,515,000,000
  • Income security: $546,350,000,000
  • Net interest: $283,049,000,000
  • Veteran benefits: $180,324,000,000
  • Education and job training: $106,342,000,000
  • Transportation: $98,742,000,000
  • International affairs: $55,951,000,000
  • Natural resources and environment: $44,311,000,000
  • Other government programs: $35,075,000,000
  • Science, space, and technology programs: $30,968,000,000
  • Response to natural disasters: $15,435,000,000

I’m guessing there’s a bit of waste in each of these categories. If we really want to secure our nation and protect our boarders, like every other civilization in history has done, we’ll find the money. And yes, Mexico could pay for all or some of it. Not by writing a check necessarily. The Office of the United States Trade Representative states, “The U.S. goods and services trade deficit with Mexico was -$49.2 billion in 2015”. So reducing or closing this trade gap should make funds available, don’t you think?

I’m also guessing a savvy negotiator and experienced businessman could find a way to make something happen. And it just so happens that voters last November knew a guy.


~ by Jeff Williams on January 27, 2017.

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