The Skeptics Guide to Choosing YOU

“Marketing exists because we have more choices than we need and less trust than we want” ~Bernadette Jiwa, The Story of Telling blog (

There’s a good chance that you are not the only person that does what you do. Your business isn’t the only one in your market and your product or service isn’t globally unique. Those whom you wish to make your customer have others seeking the same.

Marketing isn’t differentiation and neither is price. Settle into the thought that you are just one of many that any given customer can choose from. You, your service and your product are commodities.

Now how do you plow the fertile soil of TRUST in order to grow something of significance that speaks louder than price and clearer than marketing?

The overwhelming evidence is that what could differentiate you and make you top-of-mind when needs arise will be the many simple things done naturally, sincerely and repeatedly that plant seeds of confidence that bloom into the much the highly desired TRUST that prospects and customers are searching for.

It’s your demonstrated natural actions shared through the experiences witnessed and stories you tell and others tell about you that will make the choice easy and the trust grow. The journey from one-of-many to unique and trusted is built relevantly and relationally.





~ by Jeff Williams on November 9, 2016.

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