Better not More

Today I read two blog posts…

ENOUGH ETHICS by Seth Godin and CHANGING PEOPLES MINDS by Bernadette Jiwa

Both of the above blog posts struck the same theme, at least they did for me. For me they were both saying – What if we scrap the pursuit of MORE and focus on making everything BETTER?

If we choose to be better at the important things; better relationships, better judgements, better use of time, better personal decisions, better attitudes and better two-way friendships. Wouldn’t our entire lives get better?

If in business we chose to focus on better co-worker relationships, better processes, and I mean truly better not just additional or more complex, better real and relevant investments in our people’s knowledge and skill building, better leadership, better execution of efforts and better intentional and sincere authenticity. Wouldn’t we then see the benefit of all this betterment and the results manifest themselves in the MORE that we previously sought?

The search and focus on MORE is a struggle. When we seek what is better each day we eventually discover that we’ve all achieved something GREAT.



~ by Jeff Williams on October 6, 2016.

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