Be Careful With What You Know

“Choosing and preparing for the job you’ll do for the next career is a much more important task than getting that job. Serving is more important than the campaign.” ~ Seth Godin

Your life is a culmination of experiences, beliefs and actions. Your results are the output and outcome of everything that has come before.

What do these things collectively say about how well you’ll serve? Does the narrative that others might promote today accurately tell the complete story of who you are now, what your desire most and how well you’ll serve?

Does our future self and everything that we will do have to fit and follow our past?

If I reach back into YOUR PAST and pull out something that isn’t pretty, that isn’t flattering or isn’t your best moment and push it forward to today, is that really the YOU that serves today and will serve tomorrow?

Our past failures are as much a part of our current capacity to serve as our finest moments in history. As we live our lives take many shapes. Each experience chips away to slowly reveal an unfinished character.

The past isn’t the whole story, the whole picture or the finished sculpture. Be careful how you view what little you know. You can’t paint the full color picture in black and white.


~ by Jeff Williams on September 27, 2016.

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