Running Toward Trouble

The BRAVEST of all are those who run toward trouble even danger in spite and in the face of fear. Soldiers run into battle with the accepted possibility of death to secure and preserve freedom. Firemen run into burning homes and buildings risking their lives to save others. Policemen serve and uphold the law keep order ensure safety and protect the public exposing themselves daily to potential danger. These are true heroes.

What can leaders learn from the bravest men and women of them all?

When your organization is in turmoil, when your ideas are challenged and decisions picked apart. When employees complain, fight and become demotivated it’s time for everyone to run into the face of these difficult times and work together to save something! But most companies do not create an environment conducive to fixing problems and creating solutions. It is more likely that employees run away from difficulty and leaders shrink from confronting issues. If you would like to change ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you created a culture that is capable and confident enough to challenge the business AND work toward vision aligned solutions? This is known as Buy-In.
  • Do your teams have the information and insight to recognize when the business is weaving and swerving and roll up their sleeves to confront and correct course?
  • Does leadership have the wisdom to accept criticism, reflect honestly on its accuracy and empower the team to work together for positive change?
  • Does everyone in the organization understand their role, their contribution, their part and BELIEVE that their ideas have merit, value and respect enough to be heard and acted upon?

If you can answer YES then you are indeed fortunate to have heroes in your midst. When trouble comes they will turn toward it – they will save the day even if you must get out of the way.


~ by Jeff Williams on November 26, 2013.

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