INFLUENCE – It’s a Super Power

Yes I believe in the power of influence and the greatness that it creates. There is also a dark side to influence…

You can use it for good or evil. But your influence capital is limited and precious. You can spend it foolishly or wisely. Wisely spent influence capital comes back to you in many positive ways. Long standing friendships with significant contributors who help build you up and positively impact your life and work. Solid business and personal relationships and rewarding experiences that return positive spiritual, emotional, professional and financial gains. Foolishly spend influence capital and you will still build something it will just be on the growing negative side of all those things.

Wasted influence is opportunity lost. When you have the chance to be in the company of positive influences or the opportunity to increase your own influence capital – like trying new experiences, accepting new challenges or stepping outside your comfort zone – and you choose NOT to accept the opportunity then you’ve wasted influence. You will regret it.

Positive Influence begins with a positive character and spreads to a positive worldview and leads to positive actions that return positive results. Such influence builds up others and creates a “rising tide that lifts all boats”.

Look for those people, actions and things that BUILD UP in positive ways then spend, cultivate and grow your influence there.


~ by Jeff Williams on June 23, 2013.

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