Loyal Followers

Senator A.R. Dickey of Amherst, New Brunswick, was in conversation with Sir John A. Macdonald (First Canadian Prime Minister, 1815-1891). Dickey said:

”No, I am still a Conservative and I shall support you whenever I think you are right.”

Sir John A. said:

”That is no satisfaction. Anybody may support me when I am right. What I want is a man that will support me when I’m wrong.”

Now as long as the one being supported isn’t a criminal, shares your basic interests and has your well being in mind and is someone you fundamentally trust this is good example of loyalty. Every leader needs loyal followers. Without followers you’re not a leader and without loyalty your leadership will be undermined and disrespected before you can share your vision or accomplish your goals.

So not only is leadership in great demand but so is loyal followers. While great effort is expelled, or at least written and lamented about, in the development of leaders what is being done to develop loyal followers? What are the characteristics of a good follower? Who is asking the questions of great leaders…”What do you need most in those who follow you? How do you identify the qualities of a good or great follower?”


~ by Jeff Williams on February 17, 2012.

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