Mr. Morris – I know what Sarah Palin is doing!

A blog by Dick Morris titled “What is Sarah Doing” laments about Sarah Palin’s “One Nation” bus tour and claims that her presence is damaging the GOP and “sucking the air out of the room” by distracting or diverting media attention from real GOP candidates. Further complaints about her unknown 2012 candidacy intentions and the widely promoted yet still unproven electability due to liberal media manufactured “baggage” create a view that Palin serves no positive role in the GOP nomination and eventual presidential election process. I beg to differ.

The “REAL” GOP candidates had better be able to stand on their own and clearly articulate their message even in the rarified atmosphere they claim Gov. Sarah Palin creates. While I do not know Palin’s true intentions and can’t judge her electability one critical role she can and is playing is keeping the core message of REAL Americans front and center. By Palin’s constant and highly visible drumbeat of small government, lower taxes, less constraining regulations, energy independence and the full catalog of issues championed by the Tea Party and the formidable media attention that she is capable of generating, Palin sets the standard that GOP candidates are forced to acknowledge at minimum if not totally accept.

A huge number of eligible voters are lazy and ignorant of the key issues and history and have become zombies of the media or disengaged due to the rhetoric, demagoguery and misinformation promoted by the main stream media. I see GOP candidates as having to constantly evaluate their message, ensuring they meet the standards set by the conservative electorate and Tea Party due to Palin’s presence and media coverage. Palin becomes the conservative voice and spokesperson and is capable of testing candidate’s intentions against a standard. If that means they must look over their shoulders at every campaign stop or weigh their actions against a follow-up Palin (aka conservative/Tea Party) critique to ensure the right message was conveyed then that’s a good thing.  If Palin can stay active, on message and serve as the anchor and a check & balance source for voters then she will have done a tremendous service to America and possibly help many who believe in that conservative message get off the couch and vote with a clear understanding of who they are voting for and what that candidate REALLY believes and will do for the country.

For that reason I say…Roll on Sarah!


~ by Jeff Williams on June 5, 2011.

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