The RIGHT to Collective Bargaining

Unions today function for one singular purpose. To fund Democratic Party initiatives and gain power for their leadership elite to then exercise as they deem politically correct and in turn receive favors and increasing influence. Dems & Unions are a grotesque, parasitic symbiotic seething mass of self-centered greed and egotistical desires that feed on money and power while spewing anger adn hate and only create massive work-place constraints.  Just like an angry dictatorship…cue the video of Qadaffi .

You see, the whole collective bargaining thing is a red-herring. The union can’t stand on its own value and draw willing members. Union membership must be legislatively forced. Dues must be taken and funneled in secret.  Democrats are the same. They’ve proven that they too can’t stand on their own merits. Democratic policy fails time and again but time and again they return to regulate tax and control more and more. Democrats force higher taxes on the people through wild spending. Democrats create more and more bureaucracy to support more social programs and enforce more and more laws. This insatiable control and power appetite is perpetuated because once Democrats control the funding – taken from the people through high taxation – it can be subverted and funneled away to “other” programs that benefit friends and supporters ( Unions).

By a large and overwhelming margin the people want to control their own lives and most importantly their pay. The people want to choose what their paychecks fund – like houses, cars, education for their children and vacations. The workers of America want to be free to support the cause of their choice based on their personal and individual ideals, interests and values.  A Right-to-Work means freedom to choose and when the people have the freedom of choice they will always choose for themselves and their families and not the government or a union. When the people have a Right-to-Work they will create their own incentives and perform at the level commensurate with their needs. Companies generally respond positively to a motivated, efficient and effective workforce and the market responds as a result of quality and value of goods and services produced.  

If the collective has bargained for something on my behalf and at my expense what responsibility do I have other than the payment of dues? This separation of responsibility, by placing a 3rd party between me and my employer, means that at best there is a buffer zone and at worse a disconnect of direct responsibility on my part. Now if I bargain directly with my employer and we come to an agreement then we are directly coupled and share direct responsibility. My employer can come to me and I to them when concerns or disputes arise. We are both free to change our agreement terms through negotiation or separation. This direct approach has a secondary benefit of honing new skills and maturing the worker in many ways. By taking this step of personal responsibility you learn responsibility and gain confidence. You have the wonderful opportunity to fail and learn from that failure. You grow in your capabilities to communicate and be an effective leader. If someone else, aka the collective, does it all for you then you are just a drone – enslaved to your work – without YOUR voice being heard.

So there really isn’t a Right to collective bargaining…There is a constraint by collective bargaining. And when you constrain the individual you always get less and it costs you more.


~ by Jeff Williams on February 26, 2011.

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