Chuck-Holes and Next Steps

Once again a LinkeIn Q&A post prompts me to update my blog. This time it was two questions. The first regarding the Obama administrations handling of the crisis in Egypt and the second about democracy in Egypt. So here we go…

The first question was: “We Haven’t Seen the End Game Yet, But Are You As Impressed As I Am With The Improvement Shown By The Obama Administration In The Egypt Situation?”

To that I answered…

No I’m not impressed.

There are way too many serious issues still on table here in America and huge examples where this administration has greatly damaged our domestic and foreign policy and proven they are reckless, feckless and purposefully anti-Constitutional. A few days of someone not screwing up doesn’t forgive an overwhelming and purposeful history of contempt for American heritage and exceptionalism.

Just because we can’t find fault in the moment doesn’t mean fault doesn’t exist and hasn’t occurred or that more may be just around the corner. The same bus is being driven down the same road by the same guy with the same ultimate socialist-progressive-liberal purpose. He just slightly missed a chuck-hole. And even then some on the bus certainly spilled their drinks.

If a brutal murderous dictator or drug cartel boss builds a school in your town and buys a few books does that suddenly make them good citizens? Remember the video of Saddam Hussein patting kids on the heads? He most likely had some of their relatives tortured and murdered. Perspective and broad context are required.

The second question took a much different tone and caused me to think about the events and all the many questions and explanations the media presented. This person asked;

“Is Egypt ready for democracy?”

The big question in everyones mind is who was truly behind the events in Egypt and what is the ultimate agenda?

If we continue to assume that the revolution was a pure grass-roots movement to remove a dictator then the next biggest question is; Who has given any thought to STEP TWO? That then takes us back to the first question; If someone has thought about step 2, 3 etc. then WHO is that and what is the final solution?

Ultimately for the sake of your question you must answer this question: What is the definition of DEMOCRACY within the context of Egyptian culture and the peoples needs?

What needs to happen is that the Egyptian people are able to realize TRUE freedom and SUSTAINED liberty no matter what you call it politically and culturally. When all people are free to live their lives as they desire, within the confines and laws of a respectful and civil society and have the opportunity to seek liberties according to their needs then whatever politics that enable that will be considered successful and peaceful.



~ by Jeff Williams on February 11, 2011.

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