5 Myths about Ronald Reagan’s Legacy

A friend posted the following statement on Facebook today – “Here’s Five Things my Republican friends wont read about.” – What followed was a link to a Washington Post article titled Five Myths about Ronald Reagan’s Legacy. Since I considered myself both a Republican and friend I read the article. I didn’t fact check the five things the Post chose to cite as myths but I did offer the response below to my friend:

Good article. I will do some research later. Politics is a difficult thing to parse in finite detail. Things get ugly and hard to fit in the boxes we create for ourselves. What ends up mattering is the context and ultimate end results. Over the eight years Reagan was president much happened. Whether consequence of time and place or deliberate cause and effect; A man must be judged by the full body of his work.

It its true that today Reagan looms larger than life and much of his accomplishments have taken a legendary spirit – Some true some exaggerated. I feel the reason Reagan gets so much attention today is that we lack political leaders, regardless of ideology, who share Reagan’s style, sincerity, principled determination and passion. He was and remains a “great communicator”.

The 5 myths are not myths at all. They are just us looking back at the sausage being made. It wasnt always neat and tidy but the 80’s were a turnaround century. History was made and most of us prospered. For a while, the sausage tasted good and we were all fattened.

Context and character matter.

Now off to do some fact checking…


~ by Jeff Williams on February 6, 2011.

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  1. Yes, the 80’s was quite a century. *rolls eyes*

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