Use All of the Windows

I love automobile analogies! It seems that almost every situation triggers some car related theme in my mind. On a professional networking site a question was asked “Will you watch the rear mirror or the front window?”

Just like taking a road trip – we arrive at our destination primarily because we’ve chosen one in the first place. Now we can carefully plan an itinerary and route and doggedly stick to it or we can just point and go and let the road unfold below us until we reach our destination. Either way, we can’t get there until there is a THERE to get to.

Now as far as looking out the front versus back: I believe we need to look out ALL of the windows! Don’t “fixate” on any one, but use them all, including the mirrors.

Look out the front to keep on track and look out for obstacles. Watch for opportunities to take an alternate route in order to ensure your goal is achieved.

Look out the back in order to keep your perspective. Be aware of where you’ve been and how you got to where you are. Occasionally you’ll hit something unexpected on your way. Look out the rear window to understand what it was and learn from the experience to hopefully avoid the next surprise. You may need to be alerted to more troubles ahead.

Look out the sides to catch a glimpse of where you are right now and appreciate the scenery. Side glances can also help you understand who’s alongside, traveling along the same path. You’ll need to navigate with traffic, permit others to merge and avoid collisions. You might even pick up new friends, build new relationships or help someone else in their trek.

We’re never alone on our journey! Others are traveling ahead that we can learn from, beside us that we need to consider and behind us that are following our example. Good driving means you are aware of ALL of your surroundings and how to effectively move about including the consequences of every move on your objective and those around you. We need to look out all the windows and execute our trip so that we achieve our goal (reach the destination) and maximize the enjoyment of everyone who’s along for the ride.


~ by Jeff Williams on August 2, 2010.

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