Source of Value

A very successful business executive was waiting at a train station for his daily commute into the city. As he sat talking on his cell phone, a dirty, raggedy and apparently homeless person sat down next to him. As the executive continued talking on the phone the homeless person couldn’t help but overhear that the executive was discussing the potential purchase of another local business citing their location and facilities would be a great opportunity for expanding his current manufacturing capacity and that this opportunity should be pursued immediately. The executive concluded his call with a commitment to buy the property thus shutting the door on other possible opportunities.

When the executive hung up the phone the homeless man spoke up and said that he didn’t think buying that business would be a wise choice. The executive scornfully rebuked the ragged man for interfering since he obviously had no experience and wasn’t a credible expert on business mergers and acquisitions. The important executive then rushed off to board his train.

Another person on the bench nearby asked the homeless man why he had spoke up to give advice to a business executive like he did. The homeless man simply replied. I was sleeping in an alley across the street from that factory he wanted to buy just last night. About 2AM it burned to the ground.

Value does not always come from experts and experts don’t always add value.


~ by Jeff Williams on August 2, 2010.

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