The Fetching Game

I’m not one to sit around and wait for their ship to come in. However, I have swum out to enough rotted and sinking ones to know it is better to invest in building a high quality, safe port and let the best ships come to you.

If you have ever played fetch with a dog, more than once you’ve probably attempted to fake the dog out when throwing a stick. You know the drill: Throw the stick and the dog runs and fetches it. You throw it again and again and the dog fetches each time. As you hold the stick the dog prances and is very excited because he “knows” that he soon will have the chance to chase after the stick and bring it back. The dog is always motivated and gives his all each time. Then, you make like you’re throwing but hold onto the stick and the dog, STILL very excited, runs ahead just as hard as before only to search in vain for something that isn’t there.

In a previous work environment the dog fetching analogy came to me and I always think about The Fetching Game when talking to recruiters about potential jobs. When researching opportunities and interviewing, experience has taught me to “look for the stick”. I’m not cynical – I don’t want to get all excited about a company, job, role or title and run after it only to find out later that there really wasn’t an honest and true opportunity to be enjoyed. My experience has taught me that I’m interviewing the company and the opportunity MORE than the company is interviewing me. I know me – I know what I can do; what my passions, values and strengths are. I know where I want to grow and where I need to grow. I want to make sure that the next step is a step forward and that this new opportunity is in fact an opportunity.

So I question:

Is this a GOOD ship? Is it the BEST vehicle to help me grow and achieve my life goals? Will my family be satisfied and safe?

As I interview I always and continuously ask myself –WHERE IS THE STICK?


~ by Jeff Williams on April 9, 2010.

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