Why Should I Believe Government is Helpful?

LinkedIn provides a great source of Questions and Answers. I answered and then followed up with one such question regarding the government stimulus package or The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  Steve asked; “Why should I believe a ‘stimulus package’ is helpful?”. Many responders gave their input regarding aspects of the plan and economic feasibility or non-feasibility. In my original answer I focused on the lack of results and what I felt would have been a better way to Reinvest in America.  My follow-up drilled in on why the democrats crafted and executed such a plan.


Had the funding been targeted toward viable and IMMEDIATE infrastructure projects that improved national and private citizen interests and created permanent employment (like modernization of oil refineries, increased domestic oil production, updated electrical grid and nuclear power facilities, private funding of clean and alternative energy research with short development potentials and a modernization of military technologies) then a stimulus would have had a real and rapid positive impact.

What we got was the polar opposite and a total waste. The money is or will be GONE and we’ll have nothing to show for it. History will show this as one part of Obama’s FAILED Presidential legacy.

Your question would be better stated as “Why should I believe GOVERNMENT is helpful?”


And here’s my follow-up explanation of why we even had a stimulus package.


I’m glad my answer caused you to think about it. Hopefully it wasn’t due to my sometimes incomprehensible rabble. Sorry for the long response but…To understand the stimulus you need to do three things.


Go back and review the history of government and especially liberal policies and spending practices. There is a increasing passion to grow the size of government in the attempt to solve all “social” issues. The democrats believe that it is the governments responsibility to be a one stop source of all societies needs; and the needs list grows at a rapid pace. Republicans had been the gate keepers and the ones holding back the spending flood waters for some time but even they’ve fallen prey to a social spending spree and big government expansion.


Understand the need for governments to consolidate power in order to gain control of and increasing tax revenue. If a population can be lured into dependency even at great cost they are more likely to maintain the power structure and continue to elect the same leaders who promise and seemingly deliver the services they’ve become accustomed to. This perpetuates the spending and consolidates tax dollars into a pool that can be tapped by government to do anything they want with through legislation, regulation or other acts.


Power and Control are the true ends. The means are through social justifications that sound good to many (item ONE above) and the consolidation of revenue through taxation (item TWO above). The third item to keep in mind is how to get from point A to point B. You do that by associations and influences. Politicians are forever campaigning, raising financial support and both doing and receiving favors in order to gain positions of influence over those who will donate to their campaigns. A complex and tangled web of back scratching, pandering and cajoling is managed in order to perpetuate the machine and achieve the true ends.

The stimulus (and TARP & Health Care) package are all mechanisms to do all three of these things. These are massive fund pools to be used as government desires. With the Stimulus, some spending and projects satisfied special interests. Some is payback for support and favors and some was foundational to the next steps in the goal. A few American Recovery and Reinvestment dollars went to public projects designed to be token visible signs of our government working on behalf of the people.

The Health Care Reform was a huge step in this same plan. We will discover over the next few years just what was in the 2700+ pages that nobody read. And we will one day wake up to see a large mechanism DESIGNED to force citizens to serve government in order to receive the many social justice payouts that we’ve sold our votes to obtain.



~ by Jeff Williams on April 7, 2010.

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